When I took my first Pilates training program 20 years ago, I was nervous. I’d heard how hard Pilates was and thought it was going to kick my a$$.

In some ways I was right. It was a big challenge for my brain and body to create these movements. And even though I had danced for years and taught many different forms of exercise, I still had difficulty making my body do the things Pilates was asking of it.

Now some 20 years later, I can honestly say that I can’t imagine doing anything else. I’ve worked with clients with back pain, post joint replacement, post stroke, with Parkinson’s disease, recovering from cancer treatments and many other health and wellness challenges. Their stories inspire me and motivate me on a daily basis. To see and hear of their progress makes it one of the most rewarding jobs I have ever had. The joy on their face when they accomplish something they have struggled to do and their stories of success make it easy to get to work each day.

Are you considering a career change? Do you want to help people to move better and feel better? Is your goal to make a difference in the lives of others?

Registration for our next comprehensive Pilates teacher training program is open now.

The 6 pillars of our program incorporate our belief of the concepts necessary to develop a comprehensive understanding of Pilates and develop into a confident and competent Pilates professional. We have created an approach that helps you not only know the information but sparks your curiosity and connection to the work so you can engage on a deeper level. We create inspired teachers in search of the WHY and the HOW of Pilates. Using a reflective, dynamic, and interactive approach, we’ll help you to explore and examine the work actively weaving your past personal experiences and understanding with new concepts, ideas, and depth. Our learning community will help you be an active co-creator of your knowledge through interactive discussion groups where you can challenge assumptions and look at the theory from a completely different perspective.

1)The History of Pilates and how it influences what we teach

2)The Science Behind the Movements including anatomy and kinesiology to improve your depth of understanding about what you are teaching

3)Assessment Skills so you can confidently evaluate your client’s needs throughout all stages of their program

4)The Movements (The Pilates Repertoire) and how to move beyond the basics of choreography to provide your client a session that considers their skills and abilities while providing appropriate progressions and modifications

5)Teaching Skills that enhance your ability to communicate clearly and effectively as a Pilates professional

6)Personal Practice that enhances your understanding of the feeling that Pilates creates in your body and develops the connections within the body that only Plates can provide.

Are you ready to dive in? Contact us at allison@allisonkares.com for more information on how to register.