You’ve heard the saying “Those who can do, and those who can’t teach?” Well, that may be true for some things but when it comes to movement and Pilates, having a personal practice of your own makes a big difference.
As you embody the movements, your depth of understanding is enhanced. Your ability to articulate and share these movements grows. As you improve your own “physical literacy”, you become better at explaining the movements, how they should feel and what a participant can expect while attempting to perform them. And we know from current research, that movement boosts brain function.

One of the key pieces to our Pilates Teacher Training program, is your personal practice. Over the 10 months, you’ll spend a minimum of 65 hours on practicing and learning the exercises that you are taught during training. Each weekend we’re together, you’ll participate in group classes and practice teach the movements so you gain first hand experience about how Pilates changes the way you interact with your nervous system, muscular system and your environment. You’ll develop a deeper appreciation for posture, alignment and how the body moves with efficiency and ease.

One of my favourite moments from my training, was driving home and noticing the change in how my body felt while sitting in the car…my ribcage was sitting differently, I felt taller and my body felt like it floated. It was that moment that I knew I wanted to share this feeling with others. If I could feel this good, then I could help others to feel the same way in their bodies. From that moment on, I worked toward providing Pilates that was accessible for everyone.

Most Pilates teachers joke that they are the ones at parties and family dinners that are telling everyone they can fix any injury or ailment with Pilates…and it’s not far from the truth. The more personal experience you have with this movement system, the more you see how many lives can be changed by it. Joseph Pilates said, “Change happens through movement and movement heals.” Are you ready for a change?