Allison Kares

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher

Program Director

Hi, I’m Allison! I’ve been teaching people how to move better and feel better for over 30 years and I’d love to inspire you with a career in movement…

About me…

Movement has been a part of my life since my early teens. My first experience helping others to move began in my mother’s living room teaching a group of friends with a Jane Fonda 33 ⅓ LP as my guide and grew into a career from that first little spark.

I began my movement career as a group fitness instructor and personal trainer in the early 1990s. I also followed my passion to help those with injuries and became an exercise therapist in a busy manual therapy clinic.

In 2000, I was introduced to the Pilates method and fell in love. It spoke to my body on a completely different level than all the fitness programs that I had been taking. I stopped abusing and punishing my body, and began to find new ways to move and new patterns of movement that inspired and intrigued me. I couldn’t wait to share that with others.

In 2002, I completed my full certification through Stott Pilates® and am proud to be only one of a select few instructors in the Niagara Region to have completed this level of training in all apparatus. I continued on my quests for knowledge adding more Pilates courses that addressed the therapeutic aspects of the work so I could continue to support my clients with injuries and health conditions.

In 2012, I brought the PFilates®, Pelvic Floor Pilates method, to Niagara. I continue to expand my knowledge of pelvic floor disorders and women’s health issues and have created a program that is a combination of all the best practices for the support of those with urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and diastasis recti. In 2013, I became a teacher trainer for the PFilates® program and trained instructors in both Canada and the U.S.

In 2016, with an interest in enhancing my therapeutic approach for clients, I completed my Polestar Pilates Transition Program. This training strengthened my assessment and critical reasoning skills. I am a Polestar Pilates Studio Practitioner as well as a Polestar Pilates Mentor for Canada.

In 2018, I became an NCPT, Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher. This professional designation helps bring awareness to Pilates as a profession and respect to the knowledge and skill required to be a Pilates Teacher. 2021 brought me the opportunity to combine all my past experiences and training and develop my own Pilates Teacher Training Program. I’m proud to have graduates sharing the Pilates love so that more people can experience the benefits and improve their health and wellness.

I am excited to join you on your personal and professional journey through movement. Whether you’re adding Pilates to what you already know, or you want to share your love of movement with others, being a Pilates Teacher can be a rewarding career full of joy and life-long learning.

My vision is to inspire students and clients to have healthy, balanced bodies and minds by understanding how heightened awareness of movement improves us from the inside out. My goal is to help people embrace their bodies and move to their highest potential.

Allison Kares, NCPT

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